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the Story

I started making masks for friends and family as a way to feel useful in these crazy Covid times. It didn’t matter that I kind of hated sewing, and had to buy a new machine to even get started. I needed something to do. I figured I’d make one or two masks a day, and that would be enough to go around.

A few weeks later, I had made and given away over 400 masks, and the demand was only increasing, as we all began to realize that the need for them wasn’t going away any time soon. I saw that lots of us were going beyond the utility of a well made mask, and viewing them also as fashion accessories.

In the beginning I was cutting up sheets and bed spreads, and a particularly heart breaking table cloth my sister had sent me. We knew we weren’t going to rent the other half of our duplex on Airbnb during the summer, so we had a lot of extra linens we could spare. When that ran out, I started ordering fabric and making masks in more interesting, stylish, and playful prints. If we have to do this, we might as well add some fun where we can.

As my cost per mask increased, and I realized I needed some income to make up for our lost Airbnb business, I decided it was time to start selling my masks. It was hard for me. It’s much more fun to give things away.

I’ve had some wonderfully generous donations, which makes my heart so happy. But like most of us, I need to support my habits of living indoors and eating every day. So this is how I’m doing it now. I‘m beyond grateful to everyone who buys my masks. I hope you wear them and love them. And mostly I hope they help to keep you and the people around you safe.

I still keep a supply of masks set aside to donate. I’d rather you have one than not have one. So if you can’t afford a mask, please contact me ( and I’ll send you one. It’s how this whole thing got started.