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These are pictures sent to me by appreciative mask wearers. When all this started, I was disturbed by the amount of face that’s hidden behind a mask. I missed what I wasn’t seeing. Suddenly, facial expression was gone from the world. Or so I thought.

Gradually I began to see that our eyes really do say it all. As I look at people in masks now, I see them much differently, more deeply. Smiles, frowns, joy, sadness, worry, mischief, anger, care, compassion, gratitude, fear, love, and so much more, can all be seen in only our eyes, even when the rest of our face is behind a piece of cloth.

I hope you’ll enjoy these pictures as much as I do. While I love the notes people send me, telling me how much they like their masks, these portraits of a time we never imagined we’d see are my favorite testimonials. If you’d like to see your own beautiful face here, please send your photo to